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8 Life-Changing Benefits of Minimalism for Moms

Has the stress of motherhood got you wondering if you should simplify? Read below to discover the benefits of minimalism for moms and see why so many mothers are making the switch from more to less.

benefits of minimalism for moms

Modern Motherhood can be Overwhelming

Many new moms (like me) are finding themselves facing anxiety through a variety of different circumstances.

Even if your kids are older the impact of the stress and mental load of motherhood can be taking it’s toll.

Through conversations with other moms who have expressed that modern motherhood is not the “challenging yet doable” experience they thought it would be.

Instead, many moms are expressing that they feel:

  • Constantly overwhelmed by the mountains of laundry
  • The stress of working outside the home
  • Overwhelmed by running a household on top of everything else
  • Exhausted from all there is to remember

Whatever the cause, moms are describing an overwhelming sense of worry that is completely consuming.

How Can Minimalism Make Motherhood Easier?

One surprising solution that is helping many mothers reduce their stress and anxiety is minimalism.

Minimalism is the process of simplifying your life so that you can stop spending your time, energy and emotions on non-essential parts of your life.

The strategies of minimalism include simple steps like:


So how can minimalism help moms to feel less anxious and overwhelmed?

8 Benefits of Minimalism for Moms

1. Less Stuff means Less Stress

When you have a lot of items in your house, and you are a busy mom it’s easy to feel stressed.

This is because all of that “stuff” needs to be cleaned, picked up, organized and maintained.

When you begin to declutter you allow yourself to focus your time and energy on only the items that are the most important or essential.

2. More time for rest

When you have less to do, clean and manage you have more time for self-care.

As a busy mom, rest is one of the most important steps we can take to restore our energy and increase our happiness.

3. Fewer distractions

If you already feel anxious, watching the news or a murder mystery isn’t going to help easy your concerns.

This is especially true if you are always checking your phone for social media and news updates.

Breaking the media habit will give you back precious moments to just sit and relax or to focus your energy on something that brings you joy.

4. Fewer decisions to make

The word “mom” could easily be exchanged with the title C.D.M – “Chief Decision Maker”

This includes deciding what to wear.

Add on the stress of clothing that does not fit the same as it did pre-baby and suddenly a closet full of clothes isn’t as much fun.

Instead, a capsule wardrobe is best. A small and carefully curated set of clothing that is practical and coordinates easily is the way to go. It also means less laundry to do. #momwin

5. Happier-Calmer Children

Research has shown that children with fewer toys are happier and more calm.

Start a toy rotation or reduce the number of toys your children have and they will feel less overwhelmed as well.

Happy kiddos = Happy Mama

6. Reduced financial stress

Over 70% of us report finances as a large source of stress.

As a new mom, money is the last thing you need to be worried about.

When you are only spending money on items that are essential, you will reduce your debt and start to live within your means.

7. More time spent on your top priorities

Minimalism allows you prioritize your family’s core values and beliefs.

When you know what it most important to you, there is less room for wishing you had what someone else has.

8. More time for you

It’s clear that minimalism creates freedom and space in your life for what is most important.

This will allow you to spend more time on activities that bring you joy.

With your new found time and energy you will be able to:

  • Plan fun family activities
  • Start an exercise routine
  • Pick up a new or abandoned hobby

There you have it mama! 8 ways that minimalism can help moms reduce the stress related to modern motherhood.

The success I had with my trial run of minimalism inspired me to find other ways to simplify busy mom life and to share those tips with other moms through this site.

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  1. I listen to a podcast call “The Minimalists” and it talks about a lot of health issues and anxiety / stress reduction that occurs as a result. I think this is not talked about enough in regular social circles.

    1. I completely agree! When going to the doctor they never ask you about your life at home. They are always looking to treat the symptoms of stress and anxiety instead of the cause. Minimalism and simplifying have not only helped me to overcome postnatal anxiety, but also reduced the stress in our family. We are all more relaxed and happy because we have the time and space to enjoy living instead of constantly household chores.

  2. These are fantastic tips for living a minimalist lifestyle even for those who aren’t in a postnatal period. I’m glad you brought up financial stress and how to deal with that!

    1. You are exactly right! These tips will reduce stress for anyone. Financial stress is huge in our country and it’s definitely increased when the expenses of children come along. Many people don’t realize the huge financial burden that is removed when you start a minimalist lifestyle because you are intentional with your purchases and typically your spending goes way down.

    1. Absolutely! I feel like a large part of my postnatal anxiety also stemmed from the feeling that I no longer had time for self-care and had too many other tasks to do that were more important. In the long run, that just made things worse; the projects were never done and I my mental and physical health suffered. That is why I love minimalism. It’s not just about living with less “stuff” but also spending your time and energy on your highest priorities in life – which should not be the dishes 😉

  3. Thanks for the wonderful post, Lauren! I completely agree! It’s amazing how simply slowing down and living a more minimalist lifestyle can do wonders for us. Less stress and more joy 🙂 It’s almost like we were created that way 😉

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