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The Best Minimalist Gifts for Her This Year

When it comes to gift-giving, shopping for a minimalist can be anxiety causing. You already know that they don’t want their homes to be cluttered, so you must choose carefully. As a minimalist myself, I can tell you that I still enjoy receiving gifts – after all, it’s the thought that counts. Check out this list of minimalist gifts for her that she won’t be re-gifting.

Clutter-Free Minimalist Gift Ideas She’ll Love

So, you’re on the hunt for a practical yet thoughtful gift for your favorite minimalist.

As a minimalist mom, I will tell you that we all sincerely appreciate the time and effort you are putting in to choosing a gift that was selected with our priorities and values in mind.

It’s so easy to run to the store and grab a random gift set off the shelf, but will it actually be used and enjoyed?

Or will it just be re-gifted or donated?

Below I have curated a list of minimalist gift ideas that will be appreciated and valued.

Minimalist Gifts for Her

Practical Minimalist Gift Ideas for Her - daughter giving mom a gift.

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Bagless Organic Tea Drops - minimalist gift idea
  • Gym Membership
  • Concert Tickets
  • Family Photo Session Gift Certificate
  • Take her out to a nice dinner
  • Hire a housekeeper
  • Netflix Subscription
  • Pay for Lawn Service
  • Movie Theater Gift Certificate
  • Treat her to a Spa Day
  • Pay for a Grocery Delivery Service
  • Offer to babysit
  • Car Detailing Service
  • Offer to pet sit
  • Donate to her favorite charity

There you have it! Tons of great clutter free gift ideas she is going to enjoy!

You know she is gonna love these gifts that support her love of all things neat and tidy!

Practical Minimalist Gifts for the Mom who has Everything


  1. Ohhh, I LOVE some of these ideas! They’re perfect for the minimalist on my list (they can be so hard to buy for! ;).
    Thanks for putting that together!

    1. Right!?!? Aren’t they amazing. Many people think that minimalists are hard to shop for, but I actually find it to be really fun. You get to think out of the box and really consider the person you are shopping for.

  2. I literally want all the food gifts!! I love so many of these ideas! I think housecleaning would be a great one to add too I would love to get that as a gift!

  3. So many good gift ideas. My favorite is the E-reader. Since each member of my family now has one, we have dramatically reduced book clutter throughout our home. We still purchase hard copies of books that are special, but this really helped us.

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