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10 Genius Ideas to Organize Kids Craft Supplies

Today we are sharing the best ideas to organize kids craft supplies. Arts and crafts are a great way for children to express their creativity. Unfortunately the supplies required and the resulting artwork can undermine your desire to declutter and organize. Check out these tools to tame the clutter

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How to Organize Kids Craft Supplies

When it comes to kid-related clutter, craft supplies top the list of culprits! If you are not careful they can start to take over your house.

It’s important to keep kids craft supplies organized in order to:

  • Allow materials to be easily accessed when creativity strikes.
  • Help children avoid overwhelm or frustration because they can’t find something they are looking for.
  • Assist them in making choices when they can clearly see what is available.
  • Quickly see what needs to be replaced or was not put away.

As a lover of all things simple, I tend to believe that less is more when it comes to purchasing craft supplies for at-home use.

Personally, I recommend that you create of list of 5-7 essentials and limit it to those until they are gone. If you like more variety, then you can switch it up when one supply runs out.

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Take a look at my list of recommended kid craft organizers to keep even the messiest kids’ craft supplies organized!

The Best Kids Craft Organizers

Control the clutter in your home with these craft supply organizers! These organizing solutions are the best way to keep kids' craft supplies neat and tidy.

There you have it mama – Simple solutions to organize kids craft supplies!

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  1. Keeping Craft supplies organized is something we all want to do all the time. No matter how many times we clean it, its again back to its previous state. I liked the idea of over the door storage. I use bins , baskets , cases for my kids craft supplies.

  2. Great post! I love the organization ideas! Im going to use the over the door idea for sure! I also need to take your tip of rotating out certain crafts. My son will be much more excited when he feels like we’re doing something “new” that we havent done in a while!

  3. Keeping anything organized can be a pain, but craft supplies are on another level. I finally bought a shoe organizer to put all my kids’ craft stuff in. However, that hasn’t solved the copious amount of paper they turn out. I try to keep the piles of junk to a minimum. It gets over grown really fast.

    1. Totally! Kids are SO creative and can make more “masterpieces” in 15 minutes than Van Gogh did throughout his entire career. I have found it really helps to get the kiddos in on the process and let them help decide what to do with the art. There choices are 1) We keep it 2) Give it to a relative, friend or teacher 3) Re-purpose it into a card or wrapping paper 4) Recycle it.

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