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10 Quick House Cleaning Tips for Busy Moms

Tired of spending all you’re free time tidying and cleaning the house? Then you’re going to love these simple cleaning tips for busy moms.

Neat and tidy, modern family living room.

One of the best feelings in the world is relaxing in a clean house.

Lucky for me, as a busy, working mom I always have the time to keep my house immaculately clean and completely organized.


Not even close to reality.

That’s why I need quick and simple clean house tips – which I am sharing with you today.

The Best House Cleaning Tips for Busy Moms

Most likely my dreams of a consistently spotless home will have to wait for the day that I hire a housekeeper or until my kids move out – whichever happens first.

In the meantime I have come up with a few clean house tips that keep my home mostly clean most of the time.

If you are looking for quick-fixes to get your house looking neat and tidy without spending a ton of time or energy then these tips are perfect for you too.

Instead of a regimented cleaning schedule, I recommend just a few quick habits that maintain neatness throughout the week.

These quick-clean routines take very little time and help your home look neat and tidy.

More importantly, it gives you time to play and relax with my family.

Let’s get started…

The ultimate cleaning planner for working moms.

1. Focus on the Fridge

A neat and tidy fridge will instantly help you feel like your house is more organized.

  • Remove the clutter
    Last month’s school lunch menu still on the fridge? Toss it! Along with any other outdated or random items you have stuck up there. Instead use an organizer that takes up a small space and only post items there. Instantly your kitchen will feel more put together.
  • Wipe it down
    Hand prints, smudges and refrigerator spills are a weekly occurrence in most houses. Grab a paper towel and non-toxic cleaning spray to give it a wipe down.
    While you’re at it toss out anything that is expired or has been in there long enough for you to have forgotten about it.

2. Keep Cleaning Supplies Where You Use Them

If you have to walk back and forth from one end of the house to the other, you’re wasting time you could be using to clean.

  • Instead keep small caddy’s of cleaning supplies that you need in each room you tend to use them like the bathrooms, laundry room, kitchen and hall closet.
  • With the supplies you need right there, you can grab them when you need them and get the task done without wasting time searching for what you need.

3. Make Your Bed (and train your kids to do the same)

Making the bed is a simple task instantly makes any room appear neat and tidy.

  • If you just have a few minutes to tidy up a messy bedroom, making the bed is going to give you the biggest bang for your buck.
  • If everyone in your household gets in the habit of making the bed as soon as they wake up your house will instantly look better and more organized.

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4. Empty The Dishwasher ASAP

If you dream of having an empty sink that’s free of dishes than this is a must!

  • One complaint I hear over and over again from moms is how much they hate having a sink (or counter) full of dishes, but when the dishwasher is full there is no where else for them to go.
  • Get into the habit of emptying the dishwasher as soon as the drying cycle is over and your family will be able to place their dishes directly in the dishwasher keeping your sink and counters clean and clear!
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5. Stash Baby Wipes Throughout the House

It’s amazing what a quick wipe down can do. It also guarantess that gunk gets cleaned off before it gets hard and impossible to clean.This habit only takes a few seconds for each surface:

  • Baby wipes aren’t just for babies
    Even though my kids have been potty trained for years, I still keep baby wipes around the house for quick clean ups. Perfect for quickly cleaning toothpaste off of mirrors and faucets and wiping handprints off of doors, windows and walls.

6. Shampoo Your Carpets

So, your carpets are filthy but they stay that way because you don’t have the time to schedule for the carpet cleaning company to come right?

7. Get A Robot To Clean Your Floors

When the hustle-bustle of busy momma life gets the best of me, keeping the floors clean is one of the first tasks that get neglected.

  • Spending just a few minutes to focus on the floors makes your whole house look clean, but you’re short on time so you need an automatic floor cleaner! The technology has come a long way and now you can truly push a button and forget about it.
  • If you don’t have a robot to clean your floors you will need an old fashioned broom, mop and some elbow grease to get your floors looking good.

8. Clean As You Go

If you save all your house cleaning to complete it all at once, it’s going to take you all day. Instead clean up after yourself as you go throughout your day so that the process is taken care of in bite sized chunks.

9. Do One Load of Laundry Per Day

Tired of spending your entire weekend doing laundry? Tackle the laundry pile by doing one load per day and you will be amazed at home much more freedom you have on the weekends.

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10. Use a Paper Shredder

Paper clutter is a huge problem in many homes. Keeping a paper shredder in a convenient place allows you to get rid of junk mail and other documents that you no longer need in just minutes and keep you counters clear.

So, there you have it mama – quick and simple clean house tips to keep your home looking mostly clean, most of the time.

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  1. I proudly stand behind your tip to unload the dishwasher asap. There are so many times I wait to unload the dishwasher, and then all of a sudden, It’s been a week and I have been pulling clean and dirty dishes out to eat, and now I think I am sick. Highly recommend that you unload asap.

  2. I am a new mother. Stashing baby wipes around the house has become a key to my sanity. My little fella crawls around and eats everything. I swear I am cleaning his face at least every hour.

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