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7 Fun Mother’s Day Traditions To Start This Year

Ahhh….Mother’s Day. The one day a year you aren’t expected to wake up, jump out of bed and start making breakfast for everyone. At least I hope not! Why not take full advantage of your “Queen for a Day” status and request to start your own Mother’s Day Traditions? 

Simple Mother’s Day Traditions any Mom will Love

It’s always exciting to see what your family has planned for Mother’s Day.

Maybe breakfast in bed, or brunch at your favorite restaurant?

Homemade cards and handpicked flowers are just a few of the heart-melting gifts you can typically expect to receive.

In addition to these yearly surprises you can incorporate your own Mother’s Day Traditions to mark the day and guarantee that the day is meaningful for you and your family.

As the years pass you will be able to look forward to the upcoming celebration and look back on the memories you have created along the way.

Fun Ideas for Mother’s Day 

1) Paint Night

The family that paints together stays together!

You’ve probably heard of the paint night events that are becoming super popular. 

Typically, you sign up and there is an instructor that guides you through creating your own version of a simple painting.

Here are some ideas to customize the idea for Mother’s Day:

  • Sign up you entire family and go together
  • Gather up a group of your mom friends to go
  • Purchase the supplies and follow a YouTube tutorial at home with the family.

2) Plant a Garden

Gardening and planting creates the perfect Mother’s Day tradition that can involve the entire family. It would be the perfect day to start your summer flower or vegetable garden.

How fun to work together to get it started and then reap the benefits weeks later!

You could also choose individual plants to add to your yard. Mother’s Day would be the perfect day to head to the nursery together and select some beautiful annual flowers to freshen up your flower bed.

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3) Road Trip

Road trips are guaranteed memory makers. Packing a bag, loading up the car and hitting the road for a few hours together creates a special sort of family time that can’t be replicated anywhere else.

As a Mother’s Day tradition you could choose to head to the same place each year. Or alternatively mix it up and head to a new destination each year of your own choosing; it is Mother’s Day after all.

There are a variety of options to make your Mom’s Day Mini-Vacay memorable:

  • A hotel near great shopping
  • Rent an RV or Camper and head into the wilderness
  • Pack up your tent and sleeping bag for an annual Mother’s Day camp-out
  • Try “Tiny House” living for the weekend
  • Find a kid friendly house that has a pool with a slide for the kids and a hot tub for mom on Airbnb.com

Be sure you go, grab our printable road trip packing list to make sure you have everything you need.

4) Catch Up on Your Sleep

 If pure relaxation is what you are dreaming of then I have the perfect Mother’s Day tradition for you.

Simply let your family know that from now on, you will be sleeping in on Mother’s Day.

This request may take some pre-planning in order to guarantee that you are not woken up before you have fully caught up on your beauty sleep.

Here are a few tips to make sure you aren’t prematurely awoken from your slumber:

  • Turn of any alarms (phone, alarm clock, watch etc)
  • Plan for dad to take the little ones outside once they are awake so the house stays quiet (bonus points if they go and get your breakfast while they are out of the house)
  • You might even add to the tradition that you get to sleep in a bed by yourself. I know that I have had my spouse and multiple kids in and out of my bed every night for over 8 years and having an entire bed to myself sounds wonderful! I am sure I am not alone 😉

5) A Mother’s Day Picnic

How to Celebrate Mother's Day| Mother's day family picnic

A special part of Mother’s Day traditions all over the world is that moms are given a break from food preparation for the day. A picnic is a fantastic way to get outside, soak up the sunshine and enjoy a simple meal together.

We have a special blanket and backpack that we keep handy for whenever the picnic bug strikes and they make pack-up a cinch!

Keep the meal simple so everyone will be able to relax and have fun together.

Instead of doing the meal prep yourself part of the tradition can be that the rest of the family packs the meal.

Another option is to simply head to the deli section of your favorite grocery store on the way to your picnic location to grab a few of your favorite snack foods. Fruit, cheese, crackers and a few fizzie drinks and maybe some cupcakes are all you need to have a proper Mother’s Day picnic.

6) Create a Keepsake Book

I don’t know a single mother that wouldn’t consider themselves sentimental.

It’s like it’s part of what happens when you go into labor. That baby comes out and all of the sudden you cry at Hallmark commercials.

Instead of randomly tossing the cards and artwork you receive into a drawer, create keepsake book to keep them in. This will help to keep the paper clutter contained and is a great tip for any holiday.

Since it’s Mother’s Day and you get to ask your family to do anything you want you here are some ideas that you could request to be included in the book:

  • Just a simple note from each family member
  • For each child to trace their handprint and write their name with the date
  • To share their favorite “moment with mom” from the previous year

7) Take Family Photos

Mother's Day family photo session

Since everyone will be together to celebrate Mother’s Day you might as well take some pictures!

You could use your cell phone or schedule a session with a professional photographer.

Either way, using the holiday as your reminder to take an annual family photo will become a fun Mother’s Day tradition.

8) Mother’s Day Movie

We have all seen the adorable Mother’s Day questionnaires available online.

In fact, they are the perfect sort of item to include in the keepsake book mentioned above.

It’s always entertaining to read your child’s response to how old they think you are and what your favorite thing to drink is. (It’s funny how quickly preschoolers learn that moms love wine)

An equally adorable alternative is to create videos of your child answering these questions each year on Mother’s Day.

It won’t take long until you have a few years’ worth of videos and you can compile them into a hilarious Mother’s Day Video Montage. Sure to become a special tradition and sweet keepsake to look back on over the years. How fun will it be to show it to your grandkids someday!

There you have it mama! Great ideas to start your own Mother’s Day traditions.

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Simple Mother’s Day Traditions


  1. Well we can’t get out of town this year, but definitely going to make a family photo a new Mother’s day tradition! Thanks for sharing… we were trying to figure out what we can do instead at this year. I love hearing about other family’s traditions.

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