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Free Printable Farmhouse Christmas Gift Tags

Do you love the modern minimalist farmhouse look as much as I do? I thought so! The only thing I am loving more is incorporating the modern farmhouse style into my Christmas decor this year. To make the look complete I have created these free printable farmhouse gift tags.

Download these free farmhouse style Christmas gift tags, perfect for classic, minimalist gift wrapping.

Why Use Christmas Gift Tags?

As a minimalist mom, I have to admit that I used to think of gift tags as “extra”.

My plan was just to remember which gift was for each person.

That’s easy enough right???

Well, let’s just say that my mom brain failed me when it came to that strategy.

After a few gift mix ups and upset kiddos who I accidentally told to open the wrong present, I now see the beauty of a simple gift tag.

A set of 6 printable farmhouse style Christmas gift tags. These gift tags have different farmhouse style festive designs, including Christmas tree prints, a tree farm truck, reindeer, and cute Winter sayings.

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Simple Farmhouse Christmas Gift Tag Printable

Whether you just want to complete your farmhouse Christmas look, or you are seeking a practical way to keep gifts organized these tags are perfect!

I think they turned out so cute!

Grab your copy from my FREE PRINTABLES LIBRARY!

Download this set of 6 free farmhouse style Christmas gift tags! The Christmas gift tag designs include Christmas trees, a reindeer, tree farm truck, and a cute Christmas quote.

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