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30 Easy After School Snacks that Won’t Ruin Dinner

You pick your kiddos up from school and before you can ask, “How was your day?”  they immediately announce, “I’M STARVING”. If you’re not careful they will come home and eat everything in sight. What you need are some quick and easy after school snacks that won’t ruin dinner.

Easy after school snacks.

Simple After School Snack Ideas

Ok, here’s the deal: 

Kids are hungry after school.

It totally makes sense too. Some classes have “lunch” as early as 10:45am. Plus they have spent an entire day learning, playing and using all of their energy to be as good as they possibly can be.

So for sure they are going to arrive home with empty bellies that need to be filled.

In addition to just “being hungry,” this is typically a time where you might see some bad attitudes, meltdowns, and tantrums start to happen.

Most times, this can be attributed to low blood sugar. By providing a healthy after school snack you can replenish their energy and prevent some of those bad behaviors.

In most cases the adult needs to provide the snack.

This is simply because if kids are allowed to choose their own they are going to fill up on cookies, ice cream, and anything else they can get their hands on. This is going to cause problems as well since too much sugar can make kids hyper and anxious.

At the same time, you want to make sure they don’t eat too many snacks and then refuse to eat dinner.

So, what’s the solution?

All you need are some easy after school snack ideas to keep your kiddos happy and healthy.

Kids running home after school

Healthy After School Snack Ideas for Kids

I know what you’re thinking…

You are already preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday.

Now you have to make snacks too?

I hear you…I have two children of my own and I am right in the trenches with you.

I promise that these recipes are quick and easy.

Here is a list of recipes for after-school snacks that won’t make you feel like your child’s personal chef:

Healthy After School Snacks

The kids just got home from school and they are STARVING! If you're not prepared, they will eat everything in sight and then when dinner comes around they'll say, "I'm not hungry".

Today we're sharing a ton of healthy after school snack ideas and recipes that you can make quickly and feel good about.

There you have it mama! I hope your kiddos enjoy these snack ideas as much as mine do. Be sure to comment below and share your children’s favorite snacks to eat after school.

15 after school snacks for kids
After school snack idea collage
After school snack collage: yogurt bites, smoothie, pizza pinwheels.
Fun after school snack ideas: bear cookies, popcorn, peanut butter dip.
Quick and easy after school snack ideas for kids.

snacks that won't ruin dinner

Easy after-school snack ideas for Kids

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