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The 5 Best Microscopes for Kids (2023 Teacher Picks)

Looking for the best microscope for kids? When choosing a microscope for children there are a few things you should consider. This guide will help you make the right choice for your little scientist.

Two little girls look through a kid's microscope on a table.

The Best Microscopes for Kids (For at Home or School)

Microscopes are near and dear to my heart…

You see, I have a bachelor’s degree in Microbiology (which is the study of bacteria, viruses, and other microscopic things).

I have spent years of my life looking through microscopes at all the amazing things you cannot see with the naked eye.

When kids (or adults) use microscopes, an entire world opens up for exploration.

Things that seem boring or plain suddenly look amazing and detailed. From feathers to fingernails, everything becomes so much more interesting!

Using a microscope helps to create and inspire a natural sense of curiosity in children and develops the skill of observation – both of which will serve them well throughout life.

Top 5 Microscopes for Kids

When choosing a microscope for children, there are a few things to consider:

  • Ease of use
  • Magnification power
  • Stage area (can it only be used for slides or other objects)

Utilizing these criteria, along with hands-on experience using microscopes with hundreds of children in my classroom and my own children at home, these are my top recommendations.

Best Microscopes for Preschoolers

Even the tiniest hands and eyes can have fun using a microscope.

Our top picks in this category are specifically designed to make the process easy and exciting for little learners.

Best Kids Microscopes for Beginners

If you have a school-aged child, then they are ready for a microscope that is a little less of a toy and a little more of a scientific tool.

Our picks in this category are great for ages 5 and up, and for any kids who want to feel like real scientists.

Whether you are looking for a microscope to use in your classroom or homeschool, these kids microscopes are some of your best affordable options.

Best Junior/Intermediate Microscopes for Kids

Your Mini Marie Curie or Louis Pasteur is going to go bananas over these real scientific microscopes made for kids.

There you have it mama! My top picks for the best kids microscopes.

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