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Tween Girls Cozy Boho Minimalist Bedroom

As a minimalist mom my heart skipped a beat when my daughter declared that she wanted to declutter and simplify her bedroom. She was due for a bedroom makeover anyways since she will soon be a tween (agh!) Come on in and take a tour of her new boho minimalist bedroom decor.

Girls Minimalist Bedroom Ideas

Before we take a tour of the room I want to share two things:

  1. I believe that bedrooms should be a space for individuality and expression, especially as kids get older. I let my daughter take the lead on this project to help encourage independence, creativity…..and sticking to a budget 😉
  2. I am not a professional designer or decorator… nor do I pretend to be. I am just a regular mom with a regular kid. This room tour is just our attempt to share a glimpse into our mainstream minimalist home.

Ok, now that we’ve got that covered….

Come on in and take a look around!

Here are two elements that were part of the decor inspiration for the room.

The “hello” sign is so adorable that I don’t even mind that she hung it on the outside of her door, and totally has the “Boho Vibe” with the geometric shapes and dream catcher feel.

The arrow hook was also a must-have for hanging items like backpacks, purses, robes etc.

Keeping items off the floor is a quick and easy way to keep things looking neat and tidy.

The room was already painted white when we moved in, so it was the perfect blank canvas to create a clean and cozy looking space.

The accent colors for the room are:

  • Blush pink
  • Navy blue
  • Grey
  • Gold

We found the duvet cover at Ikea and many of the matching accent pieces at Hobby Lobby.

What tween girls bedroom would be complete without a bed canopy? I remember wanting one of these so badly as a girl, and never got one (mostly because there was no Ikea around when I was little).

I also always wanted a papasan chair, like the one we use to create the little reading nook in the corner of the room.

I love walking into the room and seeing her curled up in the chair with a book, coloring or drawing.

Below is a close up of her night stand, which I actually purchased for her toddler room. We plan to paint it gold in the future to match the other accents in the room. It’s also a good close up of the bedding, where you can see all the colors that I mentioned above.

Remember when I mentioned earlier that it’s important for kid’s bedrooms to be a space for creativity and self expression?

These shelves are the perfect example.

They were already mounted on either side of the window when we purchased the house and we decided to leave them up – just for this reason.

The shelves make the perfect spot for her art, tchotchkes and mementos.

We are planning to put a desk in this space in the near future – as she is about to enter Jr. High and will be spending more time doing homework and studying…right?!?!? For now the area is home to a small dresser and mirror from my college apartment.

I hope you enjoyed this Tween Boho Minimalist Bedroom Tour.

Please let us know what you think in the comments below!

Girls Boho Minimalist Bedroom

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  1. That’s lovely. Hope your lil girl is liking her grownup bedroom… My twin girls are almost tweens too and I am trying to make a similar boho bedroom for them to enjoy.

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