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24 Perfect Gifts for the Woman who wants Nothing

It can be a challenge to find the perfect gift for the woman who wants nothing. But with a little creativity it’s possible to choose a gift that is so thoughtful and unique she’ll realize it’s exactly what she wanted all along.

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What Do You Get the Woman Who Wants Nothing?

We’ve all been there.

Whether it’s your sister, mother or friend; You excitedly ask them what they would like for the upcoming holiday or birthday celebration and their response is always the same…”Nothing”

The best way to navigate this situation (and to choose the perfect gift) is to first understand the reason for their response.

Is it because:

  1. They already have everything they need
  2. They don’t want anymore clutter coming into their home
  3. They don’t feel comfortable asking for what they really want
  4. They would feel obligated to reciprocate the gift giving

Once you know the reason behind their response it will help you navigate this gift-giving challenge.

No matter what the reason I am sure you will find the perfect gift on the list below.

24 Unique Gifts for the Woman Who Wants Nothing

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The trick to getting the perfect gift for someone who says they don’t want anything, is to find an item they didn’t even realize they wanted.

The majority of these gifts fall into the category of practical, helpful or experienced-based.

This list of full of unique ideas they will be happy to receive.

  1. Housekeeping service
  2. Pay to get their car detailed
  3. An Echo Flex Home Assistant
  4. Gift card to a home decor store
  5. Take them to dinner at their favorite restaurant
  6. Meal Delivery
  7. Beauty product subscription service
  8. A photo memory book or slideshow 
  9. Grocery Delivery Service
  10. Pay for yard maintenance for a year
  11. A class for their favorite hobby (painting, jewelry making, furniture refinishing etc)
  12. Robotic floor cleaner
  13. Self Care Subscription Box
  14. Pay for a personal trainer
  15. Hire her a personal assistant
  16. Wine Club Subscription
  17. Photography Session
  18. Privacy Protection Wallet
  19. Girls weekend travel kit
  20. SMART thermostat
  21. Donation to a charity of their choosing in their name
  22. Roadside Emergency Car Kit
  23. Offer to babysit the kids
  24. Echo Show 5 for video chatting

There you have it! Tons of helpful gift ideas for the woman in your life who doesn’t want anything!

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