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When you think of yoga maybe you imagine a group of people sitting cross legged with their eyes closed. Many people do not realize that yoga for weight loss is easy to start, accessible to everyone, and has tremendous benefits.  In our Yoga for Weight Loss eCourse we provide even more information to help you get started with your own yoga practice.

As a yoga teacher for over 15 years I have instructed thousands of classes for all different purposes. We recently created a free Yoga for Weight Loss eCourse after speaking with many surprised students in class. You see, many people began coming to yoga simply for relaxation. Others were coming due to injuries that prevented them from doing other physical activities like running or weight training.

Many students are astonished to find they are actually losing weight and building muscle when they start practicing yoga. They are surprised, because this wasn’t even why they were coming to class – but it was a much appreciated side effect.

Because of this we decided we needed to let more people know that yoga for weight loss is possble and there are many reasons why it works so well for that purpose.

Here are 7 Ways Yoga is Excellent for Weight Loss and Muscle Tone:

1 Yoga Helps You to De-Stress
Cortisol levels in the body rise when you are stressed out. Cortisol tells your body to store fat. Stress levels decrease, less cortisol is produced, and less fat is stored when you practice yoga.

2 Yoga Normalizes Digestion and Boosts Metabolism

A key component to yoga is the mind-body connection. This process allows a special part of the nervous system to improve digestion. At the same time movement and breathing increase the rate at which the body is burning calories.

3 Stops Cravings7 simple reasons yoga is excellent for losing weight | yoga for weight loss | yoga poses for weight loss | yoga for weight loss eCourse | Speaking of digestion, part of starting a yoga practice includes being mindful of what you eat and creating an environment that is calm and enjoyable for eating. When you do these things you tend to plan ahead for meals. When you plan ahead you don’t get over hungry and crave unhealthy foods.

4 Yoga Burns Calories and Builds Muscles
During a yoga class you will use your own body weight as resistance. This allows you to increase strength. You will also be moving to the rhythm of your own breath. Working at the pace creates a cardiovascular workout that will keep calories burning for hours after class ends.

5 Helps You Make a Permanent Lifestyle Change
The problem with many weight loss programs is that they require extreme rules to follow. Because yoga is simple, fun and can be modified to meet the needs of each individual you don’t get burned out and give up. Many of my students feel so good after class they report being “addicted to yoga”.

6 Social Support
Being a gym owner and yoga instructor I know that many people do not like the competitive feeling they have experienced in many group classes. You will find that yoga classes are a great way to meet some of the nicest people on earth. You will meet others with similar goals and will support you along the way.

7 Yoga is Customizable
I have taught yoga to kids, the elderly, pregnant moms and people using wheelchairs and missing limbs. It is truly accessible to anyone. You can get started with yoga today; no matter your age, body type or skill there is a type of yoga that will work for you.

Yoga for Weight Loss eCourse

So, there you have it – 7 ways yoga is excellent for weight loss and muscle tone. If you are interested in starting a yoga practice be sure to check out our FREE Yoga for Weight Loss eCourse. The course includes 8 Lessons. Each lesson is sent directly to your inbox. Use the lessons as a guide to help you learn more about yoga and how it can help you lose weight.


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