Working Mom Morning Routine: 8 Practical Tips to Start Your Day With Less Stress

Learn our favorite tips and tricks to streamline your working mom morning routine and help get everyone out the door on time.

1) Wake up before the kids

While it may feel impossible to drag yourself out off bed earlier, this simple change will pay off big time.

2) Prep lunches ahead of time

With just a little practice, even preschoolers can pack their own lunches in the morning when all the items are prepped, organized and ready to go.

3) No Phone Until You’re Ready To Go

Whether you are mindlessly scrolling through your feed or taking a quick minute to check your email, it’s sabotaging your goal of having a productive and calm morning.

4) Empty the dishwasher after dinner

This is another “night before” tip that will create more time in your morning.

5) Let your kids watch TV

In a perfect world, mornings would be screen-free, but in the real world children who are quietly entertained make life easier.

6) Eat the same thing for breakfast all week.

One simple way to streamline breakfast is to eat the same thing all week. This way you aren’t acting as a short order cook and you don’t have a huge mess in the kitchen when you leave for work.