50 Fun Things to Do at Night with Kids:  Family Activities for Evening Time

For many working parents the evenings are the only time they have to spend together, which can prove to be a challenge when so many traditional activities take place during the daytime.

Today we are sharing 50 fun nighttime activities you can do with kids in any town.

Family Movie Night

Cozy up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and watch your favorite family movie.

Go to an outdoor concert

Many outdoor venues host concerts in the evening. This is a fantastic way to enjoy live music and spend quality time together as a family.

Visit the Zoo

Many zoos offer after-hours events that include activities and entertainment. This is a great option for kids who love animals but have already been to the zoo during the day.

Build a backyard campfire and roast smores

Turn on the fire pit, or build your own campfire and gather around while you make smores and tell ghost stories.

Go Roller Skating

Many roller skating rinks offer discounted rates after hours, and this is a great way to get active together. This can be done as an individual family or amplify the fun by inviting multiple families to go skate at the same time.

Go Kart Racing

Racing go karts is a fun evening activity that is great for young adrenaline junkies who love speed (and the adults will have a blast too).

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