The Best Minimalist Gifts for Her This Year

When it comes to gift-giving, shopping for a minimalist can be anxiety causing. As a minimalist myself, I can tell you that I still enjoy receiving gifts – after all, it’s the thought that counts. Check out this list of minimalist gifts for her that she won’t be re-gifting.

– Tea Drops, Organic Bagless Tea – Home Finance Organizer – Gourmet Coffee Gift Box – Gym Membership – Concert Tickets – Paperless E-Reader – Artisan Chocolate Gift Box

– Family Photo Session Gift Certificate Entryway Organizer – Take her out to a nice dinner – Hire a housekeeper

– Compact document shredder – Bath Bomb Set – Netflix Subscription – Amazon Prime Membership – Trunk Organizer

– Pay for Lawn Service – Movie Theater Gift Certificate – Treat her to a Spa Day – Pay for a Grocery Delivery Service – Restaurant Gift Cards – Offer to babysit – Hands-Free Smart Speaker Home Assistant

– Emergency Car Kit – Succulent Gift Box – Car Detailing Service – Offer to pet sit – Donate to her favorite charity