The 14 Best Valentine’s Day Movies for Kids

A list of the best family-friendly Valentine’s Day movies for kids. Grab some snacks and cuddle up on the couch as you enjoy these great movies all about love, family and friendship.


For parents looking for a clean and fun movie, without compromising your moral values- this one is great!


Kids will love the silly antics and adults will get teary-eyed at the sentimental moments and the love that lasts even after someone is gone.

Little Rascals

An updated version of the classic "Our Gang" tales. Kids will enjoy the pranks the kids pull as they watch Alfafa try to "woo: Darla.


A fun film about the importance of friendship and true beauty.

Cinderella (2015) (Theatrical)

This classic fairy tale is beautifully done with a focus on kindness and courage.

Beauty and the Beast (2017))

Through the well known plot of this tale kids can learn about compassion, empathy and strength of character.