Thanksgiving Traditions for Families: 8 Simple and Meaningful Ideas to Start This Year

Want to create lasting family memories – minus all the stress? 

Today we are sharing simple Thanksgiving tradition ideas your family can start this year.

1. Family Thanksgiving Tablecloth

Each year, everyone invited to Thanksgiving dinner signs the tablecloth with a permanent marker.

2. The Thankful Pumpkin

It’s best to use a “fumpkin” AKA fake pumpkin, which you should be able to score for super cheap at any craft store after Halloween.

3. Gratitude Bank

All of the supplies to make this project come in multiples, so you will have enough to make a second “Gratitude Jar” to give to someone as a gift.

4. A Box Full of Thanks

This is a great tradition to start when your children are small and continue it as they grow.

5. Friends Pie Night

Invite your friends, brew a pot of coffee or tea and be sure to have plenty of plates and forks available.