Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt: FREE Printable for Kids

One of our favorite family Thanksgiving traditions is doing a scavenger hunt together.

No matter what holiday is coming up, my kids are so used to us doing scavenger hunts that they often start asking ahead of time when we are going to do them.

I absolutely love this because as a teacher and mom I know that traditions and routines are some important to kids.

Even the most simple family traditions help children to form lasting memories and to form strong bonds.

These shared experiences do not have to be complicated in order to be meaningful. In fact, holiday themed scavenger hunts are so easy and so fun!

This particular scavenger hunt was created specifically for Thanksgiving, but could also be used as a general “fall themed” scavenger hunt…or even Halloween.

I specifically designed this printable pdf to be used in a variety of ways so you could use it multiple times in a variety of ways. This fun and kid-friendly scavenger hunt is perfect to use for:

– Preschool – Homeschool – Elementary School – As a family – Sibling competition – While you take a walk around your neighborhood – While you drive through your town

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