25 Fun Christmas Traditions to Start with Your Family

We all want to create meaningful memories during the holidays that don’t require a ton of stress or money.

Today I have just what you are looking for as Santa comes to town! Here are my favorite simple Christmas traditions to start with your family.

1. Put up your Christmas decorations

Play some holiday jams and let the entire family get in on the fun as you all be-bop around the house setting out the holiday decor.

2. Bake some cookies

I like to choose just one special recipe that we only make at Christmastime. This keeps things simple – yet also creates a special memory.

3. Select a new ornament for the tree

We have a fancy home decor store in our small town that is absolutely stunning during the holidays.

 4.Dollar Store Stocking Stuffer Shopping Spree

Head to the dollar store as a family and give everyone a $10 budget to purchase stocking stuffers for everyone else. 

 5. Cruise the Holiday Lights in your Christmas Pajamas

Everyone loves to look at Christmas lights. For a child it is magical to see your ho-hum neighborhood transformed into a glowing, blinking wonderland.