Super Easy Birthday Cake Alternatives

Looking for some yummy options when it comes to birthday cake alternatives? These non-cake birthday treats are just what you need!

Popcorn Cake

Think rice krispie treat – only made with popcorn with lots of other yummy goodies packed inside.

Custom Popsicles

Popsicles make everyone happy!

Ice Cream Floats

When it comes to birthday cake alternatives ice cream and soda are a match made in birthday party heaven!

Non-Cake Birthday Slurpees

Slushies are a sweet frozen treat that will fit in at any birthday celebration. All you need is ice, flavoring and a blender!

Giant Cookie Cake

The simplest way to replicate this easy birthday cake alternative is to pick up some pre-packaged dough at the grocery store.

Easy Cake Pops

When you are looking for an easy birthday cake alternative, you need something that can be made quickly.