50 Easy Store-Bought Birthday Treats for School

Sure, it’s fun to celebrate birthdays in the classroom, but save the cake and ice cream for the party you throw at home. Besides, many schools no longer allowed home-baked treats.

To make life easier – choose one of these fun store-bought birthday treats that are kid (and teacher) approved.

The Best Prepackaged School Birthday Treats

I promise that sending any of these awesome birthday snacks will be a big hit with the kids and your child’s teacher.

- Fruit By The Foot - Little Debbie Cosmic Brownies - Personal Party Cakes - Bakery Style Birthday Sandwich Sugar Cookies - Donut Party Lollipops - Rice Krispie Treats

- Popsicles - Gummy Snacks - Cotton Candy - Candy Necklaces - Sour Gummy Worms - Gummy Cheeseburgers

Healthy Birthday Snacks for School

By choosing one of these healthy alternatives, you can feel good knowing that you did your best to offer something without as much added sugar or other concerning ingredients.

- Granola Bars - Individual Bags of Popcorn - Gogurt (even more fun if frozen) - Annie’s Reely Peely - Fresh Fruit Cups - Clif Bar Minis

- Organic Fruit Snacks - Boom Chicka Pop - Go Go Squeeze Pouches - Bob Snail Fruit Rolls (these are adorable!)

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