13 Easy Ways to Simplify Mom Life When It’s Hard

Ready to learn the best tips to simplify motherhood? If you feel stressed and overwhelmed as a busy mom, you’re not alone.

Having been at the point where it all became too much, I am excited to share my tips to simplify mom life and make motherhood easier and more enjoyable for you (and me).

Limit Time Spent on Social Media

Set a timer for 10 – 15 minutes to check your social media accounts daily, and stick to it!

Utilize Online Grocery Ordering and Delivery

Avoiding the grocery store will help you avoid impulse purchases and makes sticking to your grocery list easier.

Edit Your To-Do List

Take some time to look at your list and decide which three tasks are most important. Focus on those first; if you have extra time, move down the list. If not, move on to the rest the next day.

Declutter and Organize your Home

If clutter, toys, and laundry are everywhere, it can feel like you are constantly cleaning and never getting ahead. Spoiler alert- having less stuff is the answer!

Prep Some Make-Ahead Meals

Instead of relying on fast-food drive-thrus and “cereal night,” give yourself some wiggle room by meal prepping a few meals each week.

Learn How to Meal Plan

No more frustration from not knowing what you want to make or not having an ingredient on hand since you will plan your weekly menu and build your shopping list based on what you know you need.

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