Simplify Christmas: 40 Stress-Free Ideas to Enjoy the Holidays

Ready to celebrate the holidays without all the stress? We’ve got you covered with tons of ideas to simplify Christmas while maintaining the magic.

Today I am sharing 40 stress-free tips to simplify Christmas so you can sit back and enjoy this holiday season.

1. When it comes to decor less is more

Just choose a few simple and meaningful decor items to add some holiday cheer to your home.

2. Invest in decorations you can repurpose

For each holiday find a cute saying or drawing on Pinterest to re-create on your chalkboard. You never have to take it down and it’s easy to change with each holiday

3. Only Decorate Indoors

Place lights inside windows instead of hanging them outdoors.

4. Focus on the tree

Allow your tree to be your main décor for the holidays.

5. Avoid clutter

Display only one or two sentimental pieces if you have them. Being overstimulated by all the decor can cause stress even if you don’t realize it.