30 Simple Instant Pot ‘Dump and Go’ Recipes

Busy weeknight? Don’t have time to cook a complicated dinner? We’ve got you covered with these easy dump-and-go instant pot recipes!

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These dinner ideas are perfect for when you don’t have time to cook, and they are all very simple and straightforward.

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Instant Pot Korean Beef

Instant Pot Korean Beef recipe makes flavorful Korean beef with almost no prep!

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Instant Pot Key Lime Chicken Tacos

Change up your taco nights with these incredibly tasty key lime chicken tacos. They are so good, you will want to eat them all the time.

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Dump n Go Chicken and Potatoes

Make some tasty chicken and potatoes for dinner one busy weekday in your Instant Pot! Simply dump in your Instant Pot and enjoy being with your family while this simple meal is cooking.

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Instant Pot Asian Noodle Bowls

This Instant Pot Asian Noodle Bowl is an easy and healthy dinner with minimal prep! If you love Asian flavors, this one’s for you.

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Easy One-Step Instant Pot Salmon

Salmon is incredibly easy to make in the Instant Pot and can be ready in as little as ten minutes. This recipe can be made with either fresh or frozen salmon.

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The Easiest Instant Pot BBQ Chicken

On a hot summer day, make this BBQ chicken without heating up your house! These are the perfect meal for a family gathering that takes little to no effort at all.

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