Super Easy No Bake Turkey Cookies

These insanely easy no-bake turkey cookies are the perfect Thanksgiving treat.

Put them together in minutes with just a few ingredients and watch the smiles appear.


– Nutter Butter Cookies – Double Stuff Oreos – Candy Eyes – Candy Corn – Candy Melts

The first step I like to do is to add the “tail feathers” (aka: candy corn) to the Oreos.

Starting in the center place 5 candy corns in the Oreo to form the turkey tail. So cute already right?!?!?

Next, your gonna prep the turkey faces. This is where you use the Nutter Butter cookies and the Candy Melts. I used chocolate Candy Melts, but you can really use any color.

The beaks are made by just using a sharp non-serrated knife to trim the yellow part off of the candy corn.

Then just stick the candy eyes and the beaks onto the melted chocolate.

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