100 Mother Son Date Ideas:  Fun Activities You’ll Both Love

Spending one-on-one time with your kids is so important. Mommy-Daughter time is a tradition, and Father-Son time is important, but Mother-Son bonding is super valuable too.

Every kid and relationship is different, so go through this list of activities to find some ideas that will work for you!

Bake a Treat

What little boy doesn’t enjoy playing with dough? Whether it’s cookies, brownies or cake, they’re sure to love mixing, pouring and baking with you.

Go Hiking

Go to a local trail or park and go for a hike! Pack a bag with their favorite snacks for when they need a refuel mid-hike.

Catch a Movie

Look up some local showtimes and go see a good movie! Don’t hold back! Go ahead and buy the popcorn, candy and soda!

Craft Something

Look up a neat craft online and make it together! There are so many great ideas for crafts out there that you’re sure to find something that you love.

Go To a Theme Park

Theme parks are the perfect way to spend time with your son! Who doesn’t love rollercoasters and funnel cake?

Find a Nature Center

Learn about your local environment by exploring a nature center together!

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