Minimalist Outdoor Toys: 15 Simple Toys that Encourage Outside Play

We all know that outside play is an essential ingredient to a healthy and happy childhood. To help fix that we are sharing our top picks for the best minimalist outdoor toys that will encourage your kids to play outside for hours.

1. Tree Swing

It's not only fun, there are also many benefits for kids including regulating the vestibular and sensory systems which help to keep our kids calm and happy.

2. Easy To Fly Kite

These easy to fly kites require no assembly and guarantee success for even the youngest kids.

3. Bicycle

Bike riding is an essential childhood milestone that has so many benefits, including that it is an outdoor activity.

4. Garden Tools

Allowing your child the opportunity and giving them the right tools to dig, rake and move dirt, rocks and sand will help them to develop a love of outside play.

5. Bubbles

The simple act of playing with bubbles can not only convince a child to go outside to play, but can also completely change their mood.