10 Easy and Mess-Free Pumpkin Painting Ideas for Kids

Pumpkin carving is messy and can be pretty dangerous for young kids and toddlers. If you are looking for some mess-free pumpkin painting ideas, this list has got just what you need.

My oldest is the artistic director in our house and she came to the table with her plans for the perfect painted pumpkins. She had tons of ideas that she wanted to try out and she couldn’t wait to get started.

Unicorn Painted Pumpkin

When choosing a pumpkin, white is best and you also want a stem that is curved slightly forward. This will eventually become the unicorn’s horn.

Once you have selected your perfect pumpkin to be transformed into a unicorn you will use the Kwik Stix to add the eyelashes followed by the cheeks and nostrils. Lastly, just create a unicorn horn out of construction paper and slide it over the stem. Ta-da!

Polka Dot Painted Pumpkin

This adorable little pumpkin took just minutes to paint with the Kwik Stix. Simply pop off the lid and start painting dots in any pattern, shape your size you like.

Two-Faced Pumpkin

Quickly turn a white pumpkin into a two faced ghost with just a bit of black paint.

Fingerprint Painted Pumpkin

These super adorable painted pumpkins are made with your kiddos fingerprint! To keep this project mess-free encourage them to use just their thumb.

Glow in the Dark Painted Pumpkins

Kids will love putting tape or stickers all over their pumpkin before a grown up sprays it with glow in the dark spray paint.

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