How to Organize Kids Shoes {So They Stay That Way}

If lost, mis-matched and disorganized shoes are wasting your time and driving you crazy you’re in the right place. Today we are sharing the best tips and tricks to organize kids shoes so you can find them quickly and easily…and get out the door on time.

Have a Shoe Declutter Session

Before you start organizing, I strongly suggest you minimize the amount of kid’s shoes floating around the house.

Keep Everyday Shoes Easily Accessible

If you really want to create a system that your kids will actually follow, you need to make them easy to access. To do this, consider where the kids are putting their shoes on and taking them off.

Kids Shoe Storage Ideas

The first thing you will need when setting up your storage and organization system is something that will prevent them from piling up.

DIY Kids Shoe Organization Ideas

Labeled Baskets This is a deceptively simple yet effective idea that could be especially beneficial for families with multiple kids.

Pegs  Who says you have to buy something specifically made for shoes? Hanging some wooden pegs will give your kids’ shoe storage they can see, and putting the shoes away could not be easier.