How To Make Your House Smell Like Fall Without Toxic Chemicals

From cinnamon sticks and gingerbread to vanilla and pumpkin pie the smells of fall are perfect to make your home feel cozy and warm.

Instead, you will want to try these natural ways to make your house smell like fall.

1. Simmer Pot Recipes for Fall

Simmer pots are a natural way to add delicious smells and humidify dry air at the same time.

2) Non-Toxic Fall Scented Candles

When choosing candles you have to be careful about everything including lead in the wick, petroleum based paraffin and chemically created fragrances.

3. Cinnamon Scented Pinecones

These scented pine cones are perfect for fall decor and are made with my favorite brand of essential oils.

4. Fall Essential Oil Blends for your Diffuser

Because essential oils obtain their pleasant aroma directly from plants and herbs, they do not contain synthetic fragrance.