How To Make Decluttering Fun for Kids: Declutter Bingo

Today I am sharing a simple strategy to get your kiddos on board with decluttering their rooms.

How to Declutter When You Have Kids

I was able to quickly declutter their rooms including the toys and clothes without having to stop to negotiate with a child begging to keep a broken toy that they never even play with anyway.

How to Get Kids to Help Declutter Their Rooms

I never thought my kids would actually help clean up, let alone decide to purge their own toys.

How can I get my child to declutter?

I have learned one trick that will get children to do anything you ask: MAKE IT A GAME!

How to Make Decluttering Fun

Well, B-I-N-G-O of course! this oldie but goodie is a hit with kids and they will love letting go of their belongings if it means “winning” the game of bingo.

How to Reward your Child for Winning Declutter Bingo

I would suggest you offer them a clutter-free or consumable reward instead: – An ice cream cone – An afternoon bike ride together – Rent their favorite movie on Amazon and watch it together