How to Make a Kid’s Birthday Special When You’re Stuck at Home

Fretting over how to make your child’s birthday special at home? I am sharing simple ideas that will make your child’s birthday special and memorable.

1. Balloon Countdown

Begin with ten balloons (ten days before) and pop a balloon every day leading up to the birthday.

2. Creative Decorations

Decorations make a huge impact!

3. King or Queen For a Day

Every living creature on this planet would love to feel like royalty.

4. Baby Albums

One simple (but meaningful) gesture is to get out their baby books and mementos.

5. Homemade Cards & Videos

Another marvelous way to make a birthday special at home is to have friends and family send an abundance of cards and videos.

6. A Virtual Get Together

No, we can’t all be together in one place. But consider these two options that are just as fun! 1. Organize a birthday parade! 2. Create a virtual birthday party!