How to Declutter your Kitchen: Tips from a Minimalist

Today we are learning simple steps to declutter your kitchen. Just follow this guide to create a tidy minimalist kitchen that you’ll love.

1) Toss mismatched Tupperware

Check the bottom to see if they can be placed in the recycle bin. That’s a great guilt-free way take care of them.

2) Downsize Silverware

Go through your tableware drawer and remove any that don’t match your set. You can also determine how many forks, knives and spoons you actually need to keep.

3) Ditch the Duplicates

Go through and pick out your favorites or the ones you use all the time and donate the rest.

4) Get rid of single purpose utensils, appliances and gadgets

If an item you own can only serve one purpose in your kitchen it’s probably worth letting go.

5) Clear your Counter Top

It’s amazing how a cleared off counter can quickly create a clean kitchen.