How to Declutter your Bedroom: Simple Tips for a Tidy Space

Learn how to declutter your bedroom so that it stays neat and tidy.

1) Store Off-Season Clothes

Take all of your off-season clothes and store them away for now. These under the bed storage bags work great.

2) Shoes

Any remaining shoes should be put into a shoe organizing system to ensure a clear and organized place they are not being worn.

3) Remove unnecessary furniture and decor

Clearing and creating space is an imperative step in making a room look and feel clean and clutter-free.

4) Edit your accessories

To start, quickly go through and remove any that you haven’t worn in a year or that you have duplicates of.

5) Commit to Keep the Floor Clear

If there is one hard and fast rule to follow, it’s to make sure you don’t allow anything to pile up on the floor.