How to Declutter with Kids; Real-Life Ideas that Work

Today I am sharing the best tips from real moms to help you to be clutter-free!

Rule #1 – Start Without the Kids

The best thing to do is to get started when they are sleeping, at school or watching a movie.

Rule #2 – No Broken Toys Stay

Go through their rooms and toss anything that is broken: – missing a piece – stopped working – dried out

Rule #3 – Sort Toys by Type

This is a great time to get the kids involved. Sorting is a great skill for them to practice and develop.

Rule #4 – Set Up a Toy Rotation

The best part of a toy rotation is many times the kids forget about the toys that are out of sight. If this happens, you are ready for Rule #5.

Rule #5 – Time to Donate the Toys

Now, make sure you take them to your desired donation location as soon as possible.