How to Declutter when your Spouse Isn’t Down for It

Today I am sharing the best tips and ideas to help get your spouse on board with decluttering.

1. Set a good example

In fact, doing so will help them to see how much more enjoyable your home will be when it’s not packed full of junk.

2. Focus on what you can control

Instead, focus on decluttering the areas and items in your home that are yours or that you are in charge of like YOUR clothes, YOUR nightstand, YOUR junk drawer.

3. Respect their choice

Instead, respect their decision and trust that they will come around eventually.

4. Establish Space Limits

In this case, it makes sense to establish areas that they can keep their stuff however they like; their closet, their office, the garage etc

5 Offer to help

This is very common and is a real barrier for many people. Maybe your spouse just needs a little help to get started.