6 Healthy Habits to Keep Your Child from Getting Sick at School

Today, I am sharing the best tips to prevent your child from getting sick at school. As a mom, teacher and former microbiologist I am confident that teaching your kids these habits at home will help them to avoid germs when they are at school

1. Teach Kids How to Wash Their Hands

Washing your hands is the number one way to prevent illness.

2. Teach Your Kids to Avoid Touching Their:

– Eyes – Nose – Mouth – Basically, any part of their face

3. Teach Them Not to Share Food

Talk to your kids about the importance of not sharing the following items: – Food – Drinks – Chapstick/Make-up

4. Teach them to tie their shoes

It’s best to keep your child in Velcro shoes until they can tie them on their own.

5. Teach Them to Cough and Sneeze in Their Elbow

Many kids either cough (and sneeze) into their hand or directly into the air.

6. Teach Them to Use Utensils When They Eat

If they use a fork it’s less likely they are going to be ingesting the germs on their hands