How to be a Happy Mom; 13 Real-Life Strategies that Work

Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed or frustrated with motherhood? You are not alone! But the good news is that there are steps you can take to be a happy mom. Keep reading to discover how to make mom-life fun and stress free!

Be Realistic The first step to a happier motherhood is to set realistic expectations for yourself.

Single Task What is single tasking? It’s the opposite of multi-tasking and research is saying it is actually more efficient.

Hug it Out Hugging increases levels of oxytocin, which can help you to feel relaxed and happy.

Write down your thoughts Journaling can help to clear mental clutter, spur creativity and relieve anxiety.

Prioritize Brainstorm a list of everything you want to do or accomplish. Then go back and revise it, this time writing each item in order from greatest to least importance.