Frugal Family Road Trip: 10 Big Money Saving Tips

Today we are sharing 10 simple tips to help you get to your destination without spending a bunch of dough!

1. The Game Plan

The first step to having a frugal family road trip is coming up with a plan.

2. Create a Budget

This can be very helpful when you are trying to identify any extra funds that can go toward the road trip.

3. Prepare a Packing Checklist

When you make sure have everything you need before you hit the road saves money because you won’t have to stop and make purchases of all the items you left behind.

4. BYOF: Bring Your Own Food & Snacks

It’s best to pack food and snacks that are not oversized and don’t easily spoil, and don’t need to be refrigerated

5. Stay with Friends

If you are able to stay with friends or family, that is obviously is a huge way to save.

6. Download Media

You can save yourself data overage charges by downloading your kid’s favorite movies and shows onto their devices.