(Free Printable) 30 Day Minimalism Challenge to Simplify Your Home

If you have been wanting give minimalism a try this 30 Day Minimalism Challenge is just what you need.

1) Know your why

Visualize your home looking neat and tidy and envision how it makes you feel.

2) Tell someone what you are about to do

It’s a scientifically proven fact that when you tell someone about a goal, you are much more likely to accomplish it.

Step 3 – Get started!

There are two ways to use this minimalist challenge: 1. Tackle each area as numbered on the checklist and follow it exactly. 2. Start with the spaces that you consider to be the easiest.

What is the 30 Day Minimalism Challenge?

Each day includes one decluttering task that makes the entire process easy and removes the overwhelm of large decluttering projects.

What is the minimalist lifestyle?

I like to define the minimalist lifestyle as the intentional pursuit of living with less so that you can enjoy life more.