Family Road Trip Packing List: 9 Essentials for a Successful Trip

Welcome to the essential family road trip packing list. We are sharing exactly what you need to pack in order to be prepared to hit the road with kids.

1) Snacks

Keeping the family well-fed is one of the keys to a peaceful car trip. Packing a variety of snacks in the car keeps everyone happy, and it cuts down on expensive trips through the drive-thru.

2) Technology

When the kids are cranky and tired of sitting in the car, putting on a movie can be a big help.

3) Travel Games and Activities

Travel games can go a long way to help pass the time.

4) Outdoor Items

These can be simple items, like a frisbee or a football.

5) First Aid Essentials

A first aid kit is one of those must-have items you shouldn’t travel without.