50 Insanely Easy Elf on the Shelf Hiding Spots

Take the stress out of this holiday tradition with these super easy elf on the shelf hiding spots; perfect for when you forget to move the elf…again!

Today I am sharing my favorite completely mess-free Elf on the Shelf hiding spots so your kids can have fun and you can have your sanity.

50 Elf on the Shelf Hiding Spots

1) In the butter dish 2) Under a washcloth “blanket” in the freezer 3) Tucked into the end of the toilet paper roll 4) In the utensil drawer 5) On top of the ceiling fan blades

6) Wrapped through the handle of the milk jug 7) Inside the box of cereal 8) In their underwear drawer 9) Hiding among their stuffed animals or other toys 10) Sitting inside a remote-control car

11) Hanging from the rear-view mirror of the car 12) Holding on to the Christmas tree topper 13) Hiding in the branches of the Christmas tree 14) Inside the mailbox 15) Placed in a sandwich bag with the bath toys

16) Tucked between the cushions of the couch 17) In the kitchen utensil holder 18) Inside the toothbrush drawer 19) Buckled into the car seat 20) In the opening of a tissue box

21) Peeking out between the window blinds 22) In a shoe 23) Hiding in their favorite mug or sippy cup 24) Hanging from the top of the showerhead 25) Popping out of the top of their backpack

26) Tucked inside their lunchbox 27) In their sock drawer, using a sock as a sleeping bag 28) Sitting on the bathtub faucet 29) Lounging in the holiday wreath 30) Chillin’ in a bin of Legos or blocks

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