Easy DIY Homemade Uncrustable Sandwiches [Freezer Friendly]

Do your kids go crazy for Uncrustables? Mine too, but they’re expensive and full of junk and preservatives.

Today I will teach you how to save money and tons of time by making your own healthier homemade uncrustable sandwiches, that your kids will love.

Perfect to make-ahead for school lunches. Just store them in the freezer and toss them in the lunchbox for a health(ier) and affordable homemade version.

Start with a Stainless Steel Sandwich Cutter

It creates round, crustless sandwiches just like the ones you find in the freezer aisle that your children want – but for a fraction of the cost and without a lot of the “not-so-healthy-stuff” that comes in frozen food.

Choosing Bread for Homemade Uncrustables

You will want to choose bread that is soft and not dry. This will allow for a good seal and for the sandwich to have a good texture when thawed.

Select Your Ingredients

We are particularly fond of Smuckers Natural Fruit Spread in the squeezable tube; it cuts down the time it takes to make these sandwiches even more!

Assemble Your Healthy Homemade Uncrustables

First, line up your bread on the counter. Next, apply a thin layer of peanut butter in a circle in the middle of both pieces of bread.

Next, put a tablespoon of jelly in the center of the peanut butter on one side, then stack your slices of bread to create individual sandwiches.

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