How to Declutter your Bedroom: Simple Tips for a Tidy Space

Learn how to declutter your bedroom so that it stays neat and tidy. Afterall, your bedroom is the place that you begin and end each day.

If it is disorganized and full of clutter you will have a difficult time getting the rest and relaxation you need.

Store Off-Season Clothes

Only keep the clothes that you wear frequently and love. But that’s easier said than done. To simplify the process of decluttering your closet, I recommend tackling one season at a time.


Start by trying on your shoes, making sure they fit and inspecting them for wear and tear. If they aren’t comfortable, don’t fit or have holes then it’s time for them to be donated or tossed.

Remove unnecessary furniture and decor

Pretend that your bedroom is an Ikea inspiration room. Take a look around as if you were shopping. Which items do you love so much that you would choose to purchase them again today? Anything that doesn’t pass this test should be donated or sold.

Edit your accessories

Use the one-in, one-out rule. This means that if you buy a new bag or scarf then one that your currently own needs to go.

Use drawer dividers

They are perfect for keeping bras, underwear and socks organized in the drawers. As well as, pens, paper, batteries and glasses inside your nightstand. Voila’ no more junk drawer and now everything has a designated place.

Utilize the space under the bed

Off season clothes, extra blankets and winter gear aren’t things that you want to get rid of. Instead of allowing them to create visual clutter in your closet, place them in low-profile storage bins and slide them under the bed.

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