How to Declutter your Kitchen: Tips from a Minimalist

Today we are learning simple steps to declutter your kitchen. Just follow this guide to create a tidy minimalist kitchen that you’ll love.

Alright! Here we go – tons of great tips and tricks to create a clutter free kitchen in no time!

Downsize Silverware

Go through your tableware drawer and remove any that don’t match your set. You can also determine how many forks, knives, and spoons you actually need to keep.

Ditch the Duplicates

Four rolling pins? 10 mixing bowls? 47 coffee mugs? Come on now…you really don’t need all of those! Go through and pick out your favorites or the ones you use all the time and donate the rest.

Clear Off Your Counter Top

– Use wall hanging baskets to store fruit – Keep mail and other papers organized inside a drawer – Store any appliances that you don’t use daily in a cupboard or pantry

Streamline Cleaning Supplies

If your cleaning supplies are cluttering up the area underneath your sink…or maybe even more space than that – it’s time to narrow it down.

Keep the Fridge Clear

The fridge seems like the perfect place to post children’s art, reminders, coupons, and funny magnets. However, removing all these items will instantly make your kitchen look cleaner and more organized.

Maintenance clean while you’re cooking

– Organize the spice cabinet while the water is boiling – Wipe down the fridge while your lasagna is in the oven – Put away the clean dishes while your chicken is browning

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