101 Magically Calming Activities for Kids  [That Work]

The activities on this list will  help kids learn how to identify and regulate their own emotions or process extra physical energy.

These calm down strategies for kids will also help to relieve their stress and anxiety, allowing them to focus on having fun, learning or just being a kid!


Oobleck is solid when under force and a liquid when allowed to sit. This transformation is unbelievable for kids and interacting with Oobleck will instantly change their mood.

Blow Bubbles

Bubbles are so fun and calming for people of any age.

Fish Watching

Fish tanks are captivating and mesmerizing for kids.

Guided Meditation

There are several YouTube videos that do this specifically for kids.

White Noise

White noise helps reduce the rest of the noise in the room so your brain can calm down.

Drink a Warm Beverage

Hot Tea or Hot Cocoa is a great choice for relaxing you from the inside out.

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