The 20 Best Netflix Baby Shows of 2023:

Top Educational and Entertaining Picks

Trying to find something for your little one to watch on Netflix that is both entertaining and educational?  We’ve all been there!

Whether you just need a few minutes to get dressed in the morning, or you have a multi-aged group of kiddos all watching together and you are looking  for a show that is appropriate for even the youngest in the group, this list has got you covered.

Jim Henson's Word Party

Word Party is a Netflix series that helps expand a growing child’s vocabulary through adorable animated characters and engaging musical numbers.



Cocomelon is a popular channel on YouTube that produces a mixture of traditional nursery rhymes and their own original content. The videos are high-quality and engaging for young kids.


The Wiggles: Ready, Steady, Wiggle

The Wiggles are an Australian music group formed in 1991. They produce upbeat, entertaining music for young children. Videos of their performances can be found on YouTube too.


Ask the StoryBots

Kids are curious creatures. They have big questions. Ask the Storybots is a series that has set out to answer those big questions. The cute characters and fun format make this show a must-see.


Charlie's Colorforms City

Charlie, a loveable host, goes on so many shape-filled adventures in each episode of Charlie’s Colorforms City. This show promotes both preschool math concepts and literacy through storytelling.


Loo Loo Kids: Johnny & Friends Musical Adventures

LooLoo Kids describes their organization as “an edutainment initiative wholeheartedly created with the intention of providing children around the world with quality media content”.


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