A Realistic Cleaning Schedule for Busy Working Moms

There’s a reason why housekeepers exist. It’s because keeping a house clean is a full-time job!

What you need is a simple cleaning schedule for working moms.

Daily Cleaning Tasks

– Make Beds – Do a load of laundry – Wipe down counters in kitchen and bathroom – Tidy the living room – Sweep floors and/or vacuum every 2 days

Weekly Cleaning Tasks

– Wipe down tubs/showers – Clean bathroom mirrors – Dust flat surfaces – Mop floors – Wipe down the refrigerator door and shelves – Take out the garbage – Wash bedding and towels

#1 – Declutter

Once you have the clutter under control your house is going to immediately feel much more neat and tidy.

#2 Only Shop with a List

Instead, make sure that anytime you go shopping you bring a list along and stick to the list!