50 Simple Parent-Child Bonding Activities

Looking for simple activities you can do to develop a stronger bond with your child? This list is full of parent and child bonding activities to help you do just that!

1. Eat a kid-friendly dinner together. 2. Be sure to say “Good morning” to each other as soon as you wake up. 3. Snuggle during bedtime. 4. Read a story together before bed. 5. Hold hands when you walk.

6. Sing a special bedtime song together. 7. Invite them to learn to cook with you. 8. Share 3 positive things about your day at dinnertime. 9. Play board games together. 10. Tell them, “I’m so lucky to be your mom”.

11. Play video games together. 12. Ask them these fun get-to-know you questions. 13. Hold hands before dinner and say how grateful you are for each other.

14. Create a special good morning or good night handshake. 15. Make each other a friendship bracelet. 16. Watch the sunrise together. 17. Give butterfly kisses.

18. During dinner take turns sharing the best, worst and weirdest parts of your day. 19. Choose a family “book in common” that you all read. 20. Watch some good clean family movies together.