40 Enchanting Father-Daughter Dates Tweens and Teens Will Adore

Daddy-daughter dates can create a special time to an already chaotic day that makes everyone slow down and enjoy one another and appreciate the simple things.

If you have a teenage daughter in high school, one-on-one time is a great idea! This can be an easy way to stay connected throughout those turbulent teen years.

Go camping

Take a tent and head to the local camping spot near town. Don’t forget the bug spray!

Bake a cake

Don’t forget the sprinkles and frosting!

Rent a jeep and go for a ride

This is really cool if you live in a warm climate and you can put the top down.

Play silly games

Go outside and just run around and be silly. Or get some Nerf guns and have fun.

Eat snacks all-day

Head to the store and pile the cart full of sweet snacks. Head home, and just chill together.

Play video games

Playing games together online or with a gaming system is a great way to spend free time together.

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