12 Days of Christmas Kindness Countdown (Free Printable)

This 12 Days of Christmas Kindness Countdown calendar is a fun and creative way for kids and families to spread some holiday cheer.

1. Hide Dollar Bills Around The Dollar Store

This small gesture will brighten someone’s day and remind them that there are kind people in the world.

2. Offer to Return Someone’s Shopping Cart

Elderly shoppers and busy moms with kids will truly appreciate this random act of Christmas kindness.

3. Give a Hot Drink to Someone Working in the Cold

Load up in the car with a thermos of hot chocolate or coffee and look for someone who is working outside in the cold.

4. Put Change in a Row of Vending Machines

This random act of holiday kindness is the perfect way to spread some joy with your extra change.

5. Take Treats to the Fire or Police Station

The holidays are a wonderful time to thank the first responders who risk their lives every day to keep your homes and communities safe.